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Together, Cat Tesla & Julie Schumer bring more than 4 decades of professional art experience to the table. They can help you develop your art and teach you how to sell more of it.
Learn more about the inspiration behind Cat Tesla & Julie Schumer's teaching.

  • You may have started to paint or even launched your art business, but that's not the issue.

  • You're selling a painting now and again, but it's not consistent.

  • You don't always feel creative and not all of your paintings are turning out well.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing and business responsibilities required to keep things going.

  • Some shows are good, others arent't. You don't know why.

  • It seems there's never enough time to do everything.

  • As a creative, you're working alone. A lot.

  • When a problem arises, what do you do?

We Can Help

We've been exactly where you are, have made all of the mistakes, and can help you develop your paintings and improve your art business.

In fact, we can help you get there faster and easier.

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Cat Tesla + Julie Schumer

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