Are you. . .

Interested in expanding your repertoire of materials and tools to enliven your work?

Looking to energize your work with your own, unique, bold signature marks?

Confused about what makes a dynamic composition?

Needing to loosen up your paintings?

Wanting to strengthen your own distinctive painting voice while at the same time quieting your inner critic?

We understand!

We have decades of painting experience between us and have much knowledge, tools, and techniques to share in guiding you to a greater understanding of yourself as a painter and how you can achieve your painting vision. We will help you:

  • Become familiar with a wide range of materials and tools, both conventional and unconventional
  • Discover and develop your own unique vocabulary of marks
  • Gain a greater understanding of how you can create an exciting composition that reflects your own essence
  • Learn how to use color to enhance rather than detract from your work
  • Trust yourself more so you can overcome resistance and paint with confidence
  • Discover and embrace your own personal style
  • Learn when enough is enough and a painting is finished
Aritsts Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer

What the Course includes:

First and foremost, this Course includes the benefit of having two instructors, both of whom are very experienced painters and workshop leaders. You will have the benefit of multiple perspectives on the various topics covered.

Boldly Abstract is designed to be completed in 6 weeks. It is a self-paced online course consisting of pre-recorded studio demonstrations, video talks, and bonus downloadable PDFs delivered in a password protected virtual classroom. The course is divided into different learning modules divided by subject.

The Course also includes:
  • Participation in our private Facebook community where we have discussions and share our work
  • Monthly Zoom question and answer sessions, and the opportunity to upgrade your Course to include private sessions with Cat and Julie.

  • We welcome all levels of artists, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, or artists who are returning to their practice after a long hiatus from painting. Experience using acrylic paint is recommended for this course.

    We will explore======>

    • What is means to paint boldly abstract

    • How to approach your painting with a useful mindset to encourage growth in your process

    • How to accept and develop your own unique voice and trust your own creative intelligence

    • New materials and tools and setting up your studio space

    • Ways of starting a painting to encourage boldness

    • What your signature marks are and how you can increase their boldness

    • The fundamentals of color and how you can use color to create harmonious paintings and reduce color chaos that detracts from your paintings

    • And much more! We will give you an insider’s view of how we each go about creating a painting in start to finish video demonstrations in which we reveal our individual thought and decision making process as we go along.

    Course curriculum

    • 1

      Welcome to Boldly Abstract!

      • [To Do] Download Adobe Reader

      • How to Navigate the Learning Portal

      • [Watch] Meet Your Instructors

      • [To Do] Join Our Private Facebook Group

      • [Fill In] Before we begin. . .

    • 2

      Live Group Zoom Calls with Cat Tesla & Julie Schumer

      • [Read] How your Group Zoom Q & A Sessions Work

      • [Read] Zoom Call Schedule + Recordings

    • 3

      Module 1: Getting Started & Setting Up Your Studio Space

      • [Read] Course Supply List

      • [Read] Setting up Your Studio Space

      • [Watch] Materials to Buy and What They Can Do

      • [On Your Own] Experimenting with Drawing Tools Challenge

      • [Watch] Less Conventional Painting Tools

      • [Watch] How to Make a Stay-Wet Palette

      • [Watch] Automatic Drawing

      • [Watch] Finding Your Signature Style

      • [Watch] Defining Your Signature Marks

      • [On Your Own] Signature Marks and Style Challenge

      • 2021-2-16BoldlyAbstractZoom

    • 4

      Module 2: Finding Your Inner Boldness

      • [Watch] Your Mindset, What is Boldness, and Finding Your Voice

      • [Watch] What is Abstraction?

      • [Read] Abstraction, Boldness, Mindset, & Style

      • [Watch] Going Bolder with Your Signature Marks

      • [Watch] Making Bolder Marks from the Body

      • [Watch] Making Bolder Marks Behind Your Back

      • [Watch] Energize Your Work with Rhythm and Repetition

      • [Watch] Making Bolder Marks with an Unconventional Tool (Julie)

      • [Watch] Making Bolder Marks with an Unconventional Tool (Cat)

      • [On Your Own] Making Bolder Marks Challenge

      • [Read] BONUS #1: Expert Guide to Mark Making

    • 5

      Module 3: Color Simplified & the Importance of Value

      • [Watch] Color Relationships and Key Concepts

      • [Watch] How to Harmonize Your Palette

      • [Watch] Mixing Neutrals

      • [Watch] Mixing Whites

      • [Watch] Mixing Blacks

      • [Watch] The Value of Value

      • [Watch] Practice Using a Harmonized Palette and Make More Colors

      • [On Your Own] Create a Harmonized Palette Challenge

      • [On Your Own] Create 2 Paintings Using a Harmonized Palette Challenge

      • [Read] BONUS #2: Expert Guide on Color

    • 6

      Module 4: Embracing Boldness With 6 Ways to Start a Painting

      • [Read] What Makes a Bold Composition

      • [Watch] Starting a Painting with Automatic Drawing

      • [Watch] Starting a Painting with Line: Angular and Curvilinear

      • [Watch] Starting a Painting with Line: Letters and Repetition of a Number

      • [Watch] Starting a Painting with Larger Shapes to Smaller Shapes

      • [Watch] Eye Flow and Dividing Space with Julie

      • [Watch] Eye Flow and Dividing Space with Cat

      • [Watch] Flux and Obliteration with Julie

      • [Watch] Flux and Obliteration with Cat

      • [On Your Own] Pick a Start Painting Challenge

    • 7

      Module 5: Begin Putting it All Together

      • [Watch] Implied vs. Overt Painting Structures

      • [Watch] Choosing a Painting Structure with Cat

      • [Watch] Choosing a Painting Structure with Julie

      • [Read] BONUS #3: Expert Guide to Painting Structures

      • [On Your Own] Pick a Structure Painting Challenge

      • [Watch] Opposites Attract with Julie

      • [Watch] Opposites Attract with Cat

      • [Read] List of Opposites

      • [On Your Own] Opposites Attract Challenge

      • [Watch] How to Fix a Dud

      • [Read] How to Fix a Dud Painting

      • [Read] When is a Painting Finished?

      • [Watch] Painting in a Series

      • [Read] Painting in a Series

      • [On Your Own] Painting in a Series Challenge

    • 8

      Module 6: Now it's Your Turn to Go Boldly Abstract!

      • [Watch] Now it's YOUR Turn to Paint Boldly Abstract!

      • [Watch] Painting Boldly Abstract: Start to Finish with Julie

      • [Watch] Painting Boldly Abstract: Start to Finish with Cat

      • [On Your Own] Putting it all Together Painting Challenge

      • Varnishing, Finishing, & Storing Your Works

    • 9


      • [Watch] Congratulations!

      • More Resources for You

      • Before You Go

    Boldly Abstract Includes:

  • Boldly Abstract Course

  • Private Facebook Community: Connect, share your work and interact with your instructors and fellow artists! [$497 Value]

  • Monthly LIVE Zoom Q & A sessions with Cat and Julie.[$1200 Value]

  • PLUS these 3 BONUSES: An Expert Guide to Mark Making, An Expert Guide to Color, & An Expert Guide to Painting Structures. [$300 Value]

  • You'll receive a link to sign up for a free month in the Business of Art Membership after you enroll in Boldly Abstract

  • Total Value = $2694
  • Instructor(s)

    Professional Artist

    Julie Schumer

    Julie Schumer is a self-taught artist whose work is shown in galleries across the United States and is in many private collections. Julie lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been teaching expressive painting workshops for a number of years and has found it thrilling to help painters learn new skills, gain confidence, and become excited about their painting journey. Now her courses are offered in an online format which enables those in distant lands to participate.

    International Artist

    Cat Tesla

    Cat Tesla is an award-winning artist who is represented by galleries in the U.S. and U.K. Cat started teaching in-person workshops and due to the demand, began offering them online so that artists around the world could participate. Cat lives and works from her studio in North Port, FL. Tesla believes that anyone can be a great painter or establish a successful art business, they just need someone to show them how.

    Social proof: testimonials

    Best Online Workshop!

    Maureen F

    This is absolutely the best online workshop I have taken. Cat and Julie have done a superb job of making us feel like we are almost there with you. The directions and demos have been wonderful and the fact that we can go back and forth between the two of you is a great added feature.

    Great Balance Between Theory & No Rules!

    Barbara R.

    The best part was a great balance between theory and no rules. You really got me out of my comfort zone. You got me to be really bold! It was great to have two teachers because you get two different perspectives. [Cat and Julie] were very much aligned with each other but at the same time shared different experiences. I highly recommend this course!

    Jeff F.

    It definitely got me to loosen up a bit and helped me transition to much larger paintings. The thing I most liked was the sense of community that formed around the class. I think the private Facebook page was key to that. I really enjoyed posting paintings on the page and receiving feedback on the good and the bad. It is so difficult to get honest feedback when it comes to making art. I think feedback is super important. For me it is the key to getting better. As an artist, we see our work through our eyes. I believe we also need to make a connection with the viewer and ideally understand how they see the art. I think closing that circle is important. So, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your Art Smart Facebook page. I also really enjoyed the longer painting lessons and the talk about [working in a] series.

    They Truly Want You to Succeed

    Diane S

    The course has been great. I’ve learned a lot and am so appreciative of how organized and complete the information in this class has been. I felt support and guided all along the way. I’m not new to painting, and I learned a lot about composition, color mixing, harmonizing a palette, how to make dynamic marks in a painting and to work in a series. Both Cat and Julie are warm, knowledgeable, very easy to approach and I could feel how they truly want their students to succeed in taking their painting to the next level.

    It was fabulous!

    Katie B.

    I loved [the workshop]. I got enlightenment on my own work just by the exercises and feedback. . . . .It was an opportunity to work with two artists I’ve admired and get feedback from both. It was fabulous!

    The great thing is taking the workshop from 2 serious Artists

    Tiffany T.

    I really liked the starts you gave us. There’s a time where you really don’t know what to do. The workshop taught me how to develop intuition and letting go of the head stuff. The great thing about the workshop is taking it from serious artists like the both of you. It gives a perspective of the work ethic and dedication of actually doing the work. It’s very generous of you guys to share your knowledge with us.

    Having 2 instructors gives you perspectives of 2 Professional Artists

    Sue G.

    I hadn’t painted in a very long time. Learning techniques, using a whole lot of different materials and utensils to paint with, that was very exciting, very liberating! I loved [having two instructors] because you got the perspective of both people and both of you do great work so that was very helpful.

    Not a cookie cutter class!

    Lisa B.

    If someone had told me less than 3 years after taking your Boldly Abstract class that a gallery would want to represent me I would have said they were crazy! Thank you!!

    Great to have demos in 2 styles

    Joan K.

    Your content, presentations and organization were wonderful. It was great to have demos in two styles or viewpoints and not feel there was one "right way" of doing anything. Your feedback was always kind and encouraging. Both the private Facebook group and the Q & A Zooms were perfect.

    Info is easily understood

    Linda H.

    The strong points [of this course] are each of you! Your patience with us, the artists of all levels, is appreciated! I found the info to be easily understood. The workshop helped me to explore my evolving style. The videos were clear to understand. The printouts are helpful! The ZOOM meetings were a good experience, too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long will I have to finish the course?

      You will have full access to the course for 1 year and to the Facebook community for as long as you wish.

    • Do I have access to the entire course all at once?

      Yes! We encourage you to work through the course in order since that's what we'll be discussing on the Zoom calls.

    • Can I view modules that interest me?

      You can watch the course in any order you wish! However, keep in mind there are several exercises that build on previous exercises, so jumping ahead may be confusing.

    • What do I do if I have technical issues accessing the course?

      If you have technical issues getting into the course: Send Julie and Cat an email to [email protected] and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

    • What is your refund policy?

      Upon request, you will receive a full, no-questions-asked refund within 7 days of starting the course.

    • When are the monthly Zoom calls?

      Group Q&A Zoom calls are the second Wednesday of every month at 5pm EST.

    By the end of this course, you will have completed:

    • Part I

      Discover your own unique style of mark making and explore how to make your marks bolder • Learn innovative ways to make unique marks in your paintings • Energize your work with rhythm and repetition • Explore the fundamentals of color, how to work with values to embolden your paintings, how to harmonize a palette, mix neutrals, blacks, whites and how to create a 4 color harmonized palette • Create 2 paintings using a harmonized palette

    • Part II

      Learn 6 ways to start a painting • Paint 4+ paintings in multiple ways • Create bold, dynamic compositions • Learn the 10 structures that all paintings have • Use different structures to organize your painting • Develop your work using flux and obliteration as a way to layer and create depth and interest

    • Part III

      Learn how to fix your dud paintings (we all have some) • Understand the importance of working on multiple paintings to create a series • Create the first 3 paintings of a new series • Complete a “Boldly Abstract” painting on a large canvas • Learn how to determine if your painting is finished • Learn about varnishing, finishing, and storing your work

    Course Supply List

    Check out the Course Supply List to see if you already have what you need for this course:  Boldly Abstract Supply List -FINAL.pdf

    7-Day Money Back Guarantee

    [Cancel anytime during the first 7 days of the course (counting from the date of your first course sign-in) and receive a full refund. No questions asked.]

    P.S. If you've ever wanted to paint abstractly or become a BETTER abstract painter, this course is for you.

    Invest in Yourself as an Artist