Are You Ready to Step into Your Power & Believe in Yourself as an Artist?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your artwork for a few years. You may have sold a few pieces. Now you want to turn your passion into a business but have no idea what steps to take or where to start and feel overwhelmed by the process.

Do You Know. . . .

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various social media platforms?
  • What to post, how often and where to post on social media?
  • How to be authentic in your social media posts and communicate your brand?
  • How to build your social media following?
  • Who your ideal client is that you should be marketing to on social media?
  • How to create a variety of posts?
  • How to create Stories and Reels for Instagram and Facebook?
  • How to calculate your engagement rates?
  • The easiest-to-use equipment for creating social media videos, how to create them as well as what they should be about?
  • How to use Facebook Live to sell your art?
  • The nuts and bolts of Pinterest?
  • How to recognize when someone who contacts you on social media is a scammer with a fake account?

We Understand

We’ve been where you are and can help you. Between the two of us we have decades of experience in the trenches of the art world running our own successful businesses. We have set up and organized our businesses from the ground up, worked with many galleries, stood tall at art festivals and art fairs, worked with designers and art consultants, marketed ourselves on social media, written multiple bios, artist’s statements and CV’s, you name it and we have done it. Now we are excited to share our extensive knowledge with you and give you tools you need to create, organize and launch your own business. By taking this course you will take the first step in creating the foundation you need to achieve your dream of being a successful, professional artist.

Here's What's Included:

First and foremost, this Course includes the benefit of having two instructors, both of whom are very experienced in making their way in their respective art businesses. This means you will have multiple perspectives on the various topics covered. This Course is a self-paced online course consisting of pre-recorded video lessons, handouts, an easy to follow course workbook and bonus downloadable PDF’s delivered in a password protected virtual classroom. The course is divided into different learning modules by subject.

We welcome all levels of artists whether you are in the beginning stages and starting to plan your art business, or if you’re an artist who has been trying to make the leap into a full-time business and need some help.

  • Participation in our private Facebook Community for you to share your questions and concerns, and get answers

  • Monthly scheduled Zoom question and answer sessions with Cat and Julie

  • A description of the various social media platforms and the advantages and disadvantages of each and The factors to consider in choosing a social media platform

  • How to create Stories and Reels for Instagram and Facebook and What equipment you need to have on hand to create social media videos, how to create those videos and what they should include

  • How to define and market to your ideal client, or avatar and How to protect yourself against scammers with fake accounts

  • What to post, how often and where to post on social media and How to Calculate Engagement Rates

  • How to build your social media following: 9 ways to get more followers

  • How to be authentic in your posts and communicate your brand and How to use hashtags to increase the ability of interested people to find your posts

  • The nuts and bolts of Pinterest and How to use Facebook Live to sell your art

  • • SPECIAL *BONUS*: How the Ranking Algorithm Works on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Social Media takes time, but is essentially a FREE marketing tool to attract new collectors to your artwork!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • [To Do] Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

    • [Read] How to Use the Learning Portal

    • Meet Your Instructors

    • [To Do] Join the Private Facebook Group

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Group Zoom Calls with Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer

    • [Read] How your Group Zoom Q & A Sessions Work

    • [Read] Group Q & A Zoom Call Schedule

  • 3

    Module 1: Meet Mary, the Typical Artist & the Mistakes that Can Happen

    • [Watch] Say Hello to Mary

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: What NOT to do at the Beginning of your Art Business

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Never Undercut Yourself

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Don't Fall Prey to Scams

  • 4

    Module 2

    • [Watch] Create a Business Account on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest

    • [Read] How to Create Business Accounts on Social Media

    • [Watch] Understanding Stories, Reels, and Videos

    • [Read] Understanding Stories, Reels and Videos

    • [Read] Putting a Link in Stories on Instagram

    • [Watch] Social Media: What to Post, Where to Post, When to Post

    • [Read] How to be Authentic & Communicate Your Brand on Social Media

    • [Watch] Defining Your Ideal Client or Avatar on Social Media

    • [Read] Who Is Your Ideal Client and How Do You Reach Them

    • [To Do] Workbook: Social Media for Artists + 1 Exercise

  • 5

    Module 3

    • [Watch] How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Social Media

    • [Read] Calculate Engagement Rate on Social Media

    • [Read] Figuring Out Engagement on Instagram Just Got Easier

    • [Watch] How to Get More Followers on Social Media & Calls-to-Action (CTAs) - Part 1

    • [Read] Ideas for Posts on Social Media

    • [Watch] How to Get More Followers on Social Media & Calls-to-Action (CTAs) - Part 2

    • [Read] Ways to Attract More Followers on Social Media

    • [Read] Updates to Instagram

    • [Read] 2022 Updates to Instagram

  • 6

    Module 4

    • [Watch] A Simple Video Set-Up and Ideas for Social Media Videos

    • [Read] A Simple Video Set Up

    • [Watch] Creating Reels for Instagram

    • Creating Reels on Instagram

    • [Watch] An Introduction to Pinterest

    • [Read] An Introduction to Pinterest

    • [Watch] Using Facebook Live to Sell Your Art

    • [Read] Using Facebook Live to Sell Your Art

  • 7


    • How the Ranking Algorithm Works on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

  • 8

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More Resources for You

    • Before you go...


International Artist

Cat Tesla

Cat Tesla is an award-winning artist who is represented by galleries in the U.S. and U.K. Cat started teaching in-person workshops and due to the demand, began offering them online so that artists around the world could participate. Cat lives and works from her studio in North Port, FL. Tesla believes that anyone can be a great painter or establish a successful art business, they just need someone to show them how.

Professional Artist

Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer is a self-taught artist whose work is shown in galleries across the United States and is in many private collections. Julie lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been teaching expressive painting workshops for a number of years and has found it thrilling to help painters learn new skills, gain confidence, and become excited about their painting journey. Now her courses are offered in an online format which enables those in distant lands to participate.

If you're selling art, you need to be active on social media

Social Media isn't hard, once you understand the basics!

The Course Includes:

  • Private Facebook Community: Connect, share your work and interact with your instructors and fellow artists! [$497 Value]
  • Monthly LIVE Zoom Q & A sessions with Cat & Julie [$1200 Value]
  • SPECIAL BONUS: How the Ranking Algorithm Works on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest [$300 Value]
  • Art Clinics: Learn from real-life experiences when things go wrong [$397 Value]

  • TOTAL VALUE = $2394

Testimonials: See What Other Artists Have to Say About this Course

Now I Get It!

Grace B.

I've been afraid of social media for the longest time - now I understand how it all works and why I need to be on it! I'm actually having fun starting to put some short videos together. It's also interesting to look at the analytics - especially now that I understand them. If you're not sure how to get going with social media, I highly recommend this course!

Best Course on Social Media

J. Kirkland

I've been on Instagram and Facebook for so long but didn't pay much attention until now. Thanks to Julie and Cat I can now put together my posts, understand where and when to post them, and even grow my accounts. For some reason I thought people didn't like my art and that's why my accounts weren't growing. Now I know that's not true, I just wasn't posting the right stuff. Thanks to Cat and Julie for a comprehensive course for artists like me :)

By the end of this course you will:

  • Part I

    What social media platforms are right for you, What you should post and how often to post, How to be authentic in your posts and engage your audience, How to define your ideal client and use social media to market to that client, and How to build your following

  • Part II

    How to recognize when a social media contact is a scammer with a fake account, How to create Stories and Reels for Instagram, and How to calculate your engagement rates

  • Part III

    Pinterest basics, How to sell your work on Facebook Live, How to create videos for social media, the equipment you need and ideas for content, and How the ranking algorithm works on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest


There are 3 other courses in the Business of Art Suite, or sign up for all 4 and SAVE BIG!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

[Cancel anytime during the first 7 days of the course (counting from the date of your first course sign-in) and receive a full refund. No questions asked.]

7-day money back guarantee


  • How long will I have to finish the course?

    You will have full access to the course for 1 year and to the Facebook community for as long as you wish.

  • Do I have access to the entire course all at once?

    Yes! We encourage you to work through the course in order since that's what we'll be discussing on the Zoom calls.

  • Can I view Modules that interest me?

    You can watch the course in any order you wish.

  • What do I do if I have technical issues accessing the course?

    If you have technical issues getting into the course: Send Julie and Cat an email to and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Upon request, you will receive a full, no-questions-asked refund within 7 days of starting the course.