Are you ready to step into your power and believe in yourself as an artist?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your artwork for a few years. You’ve sold a few pieces. Now you want to turn your passion into a business but have no idea what steps to take or where to start and feel overwhelmed by the process.

Do You Know. . .

  • The 9 essential factors to consider when pricing your artwork?

  • How to find the right gallery for your work?

  • What an artist brand actually is and how to create one to maximize your overall success?

  • What are considered good business practices for professional artists?

  • The 6 most important features of your artist website?

  • How to write an effective E-newsletter and grow your list? [Hint: There are 5 ways]

  • The 8 crucial components that should be in every gallery contract you sign in order to protect yourself?

  • What local and state regulations you need to comply with as a seller?

  • What to post, when to post, and where to post on social media?

  • How to evolve and keep growing over the long haul as a professional artist?
Artists Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer

We understand

We've been where you are & we can help you. Between the two of us we have decades of experience in the trenches of the art world running our own successful businesses. We've both worked with many galleries, stood tall at art festivals and art fairs, worked with designers and art consultants, written press releases, artist statements, marketed ourselves on social media, you name it and we've done it. Now we're excited to share our extensive knowledge and experience with you and give you the tools you need to create, organize and launch your own art business. By taking this course, you’ll have the foundation to achieve your dream of being a successful, professional artist.

We will help you:

  • Recognize and eliminate self-limiting beliefs that stand in the way of you achieving success as a professional artist
  • Identify exactly what you dream of achieving through your art business
  • Choose a business structure that is right for you as well as organization systems you need to keep track of income, expenses and more
  • Discover the best ways to present yourself and your art to the world, including keeping track of your inventory, photographing your work, pricing your work, working in a series, and creating effective artist statements, bios and other documents you will need in your art business
  • Communicate to the world who you are as an artist in terms of your branding, your website, blogs, podcasts, e-newsletters, social media, and collateral materials
  • Create multiple income streams by showing your work in different types of venues such as juried shows, art festivals, art fairs, open studio events, licensing your work and how to work with galleries and other art professionals such as designers and art consultants
  • Learn how to get your name out there by working with the media, preparing for interviews, writing press releases, teaching workshops
  • Recognize the importance of evolving as an artist over the long haul and questions you need to be able to answer to keep moving forward, successfully, with your art business

What the Course Includes

First and foremost, this Course includes the benefit of having two instructors, both of whom are very experienced in making their way in their respective art businesses. You will have the benefit of multiple perspectives on the various topics covered.

The Business of Art is designed to be completed in 8 weeks. It is a self-paced online course consisting of pre-recorded video talks, handouts, an easy to follow course workbook, and bonus downloadable PDFs delivered in a password protected virtual classroom. The course is divided into different learning modules divided by subject.

The Course includes:

  • • Participation in our private Facebook community for you to share your questions and concerns, and get answers
  • • Four live scheduled Zoom question and answer sessions with Cat and Julie
  • • Multiple downloadable handouts and a workbook that easily guides you through the course
  • • 2 *BONUSES* are included in this course:
  • Understanding Copyright for Artists
  • How to Write a Business Plan for your Art Business
  • • Art Clinics that highlight real life experiences when things went wrong, and how they were remedied

We welcome all levels of artists whether you’re in the beginning stages and starting to plan your art business, or if you’re an artist who has been trying to make the leap into a full-time business and need some help.

We will explore======>

  • How to Address Self-Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome

  • Dreaming Big: What do you Desire for your Art Business?

  • How to Establish the Foundation for Your Business

  • Photographing Your Work & Keeping Track of Inventory

  • Focus on Presentation: Finishing Your Work Consistently and Working in a Series

  • How to Price Your Artwork

  • Creating Your Brand: Collateral Materials, E-Newsletters, and Electronic Press Kits

  • Your Website & Standing Out on Social Media

  • Establishing Multiple Income Streams: Working with Galleries, Art Consultants, Art Fairs, Art Festivals, Hosting an Open Studio, Commissions, Collaborations, & Licensing Your Work

  • Numerous Templates for Your Use: Artist Statement, Bio, CV, COA, Invoices, Press Releases & More

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • [To Do] Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

    • [Read] How to Use the Learning Portal

    • [To Do] Join the Private Facebook Group

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Live Group Zoom Calls with Julie Schumer and Cat Tesla

    • [Read] How your Group Zoom Q & A Sessions Work

    • [Read] Group Q & A Zoom Call Schedule & Recordings

  • 3


    • [Watch] Meet Your Instructors

    • [Watch] Overview of "The Business of Art" Course: It's Never too Late to Start an Art Business

    • [Watch] Self-Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome

    • [Watch] What do you Desire? Let's Talk About Dreams

    • [To Do] Workbook: Welcome + 2 Exercises

  • 4

    Module 1: Establish the Foundation

    • [Watch] Say Hello to Mary

    • [Watch] Preparing Mentally & Financially to be a Professional Artist

    • [Watch] First Steps: The Proper Way to Set up Your Art Business

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: What NOT to do at the Beginning of your Art Business

    • [To Do] Workbook: Module 1 + 2 Exercises

    • [Read] BONUS: How to Write a Business Plan

  • 5

    Module 2: You & Your Work

    • [Watch] Keeping Track of Inventory & Photographing Your Work

    • [Watch] Consistent Presentation & Working in a Series

    • [Watch] How to Price Your Work & Create Your CV, Artist Statement, Bio, Head Shot and Studio Shots

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Never Undercut Yourself

    • [Read] Working in a Series

    • [Read] Pricing Your Work: 9 Essential Factors to Consider

    • [Read] Artist Statement + Bio Template

    • [Read] Formatting Your CV Template

    • [Read] Certificate of Authenticity Template

    • [Read] Creating an Invoice Template

    • [To Do] Workbook: Module 2 + 5 Exercises

  • 6

    Module 3: Communicating Who You Are As An Artist

    • [Watch] Putting together your E-newsletter & Starting a Blog or Podcast

    • [Watch] Defining Your Brand & Creating Your Collateral Materials

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Your Email List is Your Future

    • [Read] E-newsletter Example

    • [Read] Create a Catalog of Your Works

    • [Read] An Example of an Electronic Press Kit

    • [Read] Tear Sheet Example

    • [To Do] Workbook: Module 3 + 1 Exercise

  • 7

    Module 4: Your Online Presence

    • [Watch] Your Website: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

    • [Watch] Social Media: What to Post, Where to Post, When to Post

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Don't Fall Prey to Scams

    • [Read] How to be Authentic & Communicate Your Brand on Social Media

    • [Read] Creating Your Website: The 6 Most Important Features

    • [Read] How long does it take for someone to buy my art online after first seeing it?

    • [To Do] Workbook: Module 4 + 1 Exercise

    • BONUS: An Introduction to Copyright for Artists

  • 8

    Module 5: Establishing Multiple Income Streams

    • [Watch] Where to Show & Sell Your Work: Online Juried Shows, Art Festivals, Art Fairs, Trade Shows, & Virtual Art Fairs

    • [Watch] How to Work with Galleries, Art Consultants, & Designers

    • [Watch] The In's and Out's of Commissions, Collaborations, Licensing Your Artwork, Hosting an Open Studio Live or Virtual

    • [Read] Selling Prints On Your Own

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Sometimes Galleries Steal

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Commissions Can Get Murky

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Who Insures Art Shipments?

    • [Watch] Art Clinic: Pop-In Visits Tell You Everything

    • [Read] A Checklist for Planning and Hosting your Open Studio Event

    • [To Do] Workbook: Module 5 + 3 Exercises

  • 9

    Module 6: Getting Your Name Out There & Going the Long Haul

    • [Watch] Media Coverage: Preparing for an Interview & Writing Press Releases

    • [Watch] Teaching & Applying to Art Residencies: What You Need to Know

    • [Watch] Growing Over Time & Reinventing Yourself: The Realities of Being an Artist

    • [Read] How to Apply for an Art Residency

    • [Read] Questions to Ask Yourself to Keep Going

    • [To Do] Workbook: Module 6 + 2 Exercises

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Pricing options

The Course begins on January 12, 2022

The Business of Art Course is $1497 which includes:

  • Private Facebook Community: Connect, share your work and interact with your instructors and fellow artists! [$497 Value]

  • Four LIVE Zoom Q & A sessions with Cat and Julie. [$600 Value]

  • PLUS these 2 BONUSES: An Introduction to Copyright for Artists and How to Write a Business Plan [$200 Value]

  • 8 Art Clinics: Learn from real-life experiences when things go wrong [$797 Value]

  • Total Value = $3591

    You can instead sign up for BOTH The Business of Art + Boldly Abstract

    Take matters into your own hands for your art career:
    *Purchase both the Business of Art and Boldly Abstract for only $1497*


    International Artist

    Cat Tesla

    Cat Tesla is an award-winning artist who is represented by galleries in the U.S. and U.K. Cat started teaching in-person workshops and due to the demand, began offering them online so that artists around the world could participate. Cat lives and works from her studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Tesla believes that anyone can be a great painter or establish a successful art business, they just need someone to show them how.

    Professional Artist

    Julie Schumer

    Julie Schumer is a self-taught artist whose work is shown in galleries across the United States and is in many private collections. Julie lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been teaching expressive painting workshops for a number of years and has found it thrilling to help painters learn new skills, gain confidence, and become excited about their painting journey. Now her courses are offered in an online format which enables those in distant lands to participate.

    Social proof: testimonials

    A Well-Strategized Course!

    Joan K

    I was rewarded with the abundance of well-strategized modules and content which informed me of everything, including what I would not have thought to ask about. Plus, it was fun—the Zooms were great and the Facebook Group fantastic. . .I am grateful.

    Valuable & Useful!

    Patricia L

    I found the course to be extremely useful! It was well-organized and presented and I found the handouts to be very valuable resources. The examples you provided as well as the interactions in the Zoom meetings and the Facebook group helped me better understand many aspects of an art business. I now have many new tools in my toolbox and feel more confident to move forward in my art business.

    Learned so much

    C. Brown [Private Mentee]

    If you have a question, Cat and Julie have an answer! They know the in's and out's of the art business and really helped me to plan my business based on my strengths. I realized I don't have to do everything, but can pick and choose what I like. The templates especially helped me to quickly fill in much needed information for my branding.

    Great course!

    H. Metz [Private Mentee]

    Julie and Cat’s step by step approach to helping me start my business gave me the confidence to move forward as I had no real experience in the business world. The information they provided helped me in so many ways. I especially needed help in learning how I could price my work and how I should put my website together so I could get started with e-commerce and they provided invaluable assistance with that.

    Double the Experience

    S. Erickson [Private Mentee]

    Cat and Julie’s can-do philosophy and enthusiasm for their subject is amazing and helped propel me through the steps of getting my own business off the ground. They are without a doubt the voices of experience which made them all the more credible for me. I really appreciated hearing about their real life experiences, such as in their gallery relationships, so I can anticipate what problems might come up and be prepared with a solution.

    Extremely Useful!!

    Patricia L

    I found the course to be extremely useful! It was well-organized and presented and I found the handouts to be very valuable resources. The examples you provided as well as the interactions in the Zoom meetings and the Facebook group helped me better understand many aspects of an art business. I now have many new tools in my toolbox and feel more confident to move forward in my art business.


    • How long will I have to finish the course?

      You will have full access to the course for 1 year and to the Facebook community for as long as you wish.

    • Do I have access to the entire course all at once?

      Yes! We encourage you to work through the course in order since that's what we'll be discussing on the Zoom calls.

    • Can I view Modules that interest me?

      You can watch the course in any order you wish.

    • What do I do if I have technical issues accessing the course?

      If you have technical issues getting into the course: Send Julie and Cat an email to and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

    • What is your refund policy?

      Upon request, you will receive a full, no-questions-asked refund within 7 days of starting the course.

    By the end of this course, you will:

    • Part I

      Identify self-limiting beliefs • Create your Desire Board • Organize your business from the bottom up, including the best options for record keeping, managing sales tax, and licenses • Learn ways to keep track of your inventory, photograph your work, present your work in a consistent way, including working in a series, and how to price your work • Create the documents you will need to present yourself including your artist statement, bio, CV, Certificate of Authenticity and sales invoices

    • Part II

      Learn how to effectively communicate who you are as an artist and clarify your brand through your website, e-newsletters, blogs, podcasts and social media • Create the collateral materials you need to have on hand such as a business card, catalog, and electronic press kit • Refine your brand and learn how to talk about your art • Know what, when, and how often to post on social media • Find the best places to sell your work online

    • Part III

      Learn how to establish multiple income streams, including working with galleries, art consultants and other art professionals • Learn how to participate in juried shows, art festivals, art fairs and open studio events as well as how to license your artwork and work with a client who commissions a piece of your art • Work with the media in terms of seeking out media coverage, preparing for an interview, writing press releases • Grow and evolve over time as an artist and in your business • Get ideas for how to keep going

    If you've ever wanted to quit your day job and get serious about turning your art into a business, this is the course for you.

    Or if you have an art business already and need a tune-up, this course will help you do it.

    7-Day Money Back Guarantee

    [Cancel anytime during the first 7 days of the course (counting from the date of your first course sign-in) and receive a full refund. No questions asked.]

    7-day money back guarantee

    Don't Delay!

    It's time to invest in yourself.

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    P.S. It's time to invest in yourself and your art business.

    • You may have started to paint or even launched your art business, but that's not the issue.
    • You're selling a painting now and again, but it's not consistent.
    • You don't always feel creative and not all of your paintings are turning out well.
    • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing and business responsibilities required to keep things going.
    • Some shows are good, others arent't. You don't know why.
    • It seems there's never enough time to do everything.
    • As a creative, you're working alone. A lot.
    • When a problem arises, what do you do?